The Adventures of Goose!
The Adventures of Goose!
Welcome to Goose Adventures! This is the only place where you will find Goose! Goose is a cementhead and is always going on special trips...
Yay! Spinning Chair!
Have a seat!
What Goose Adventures is.
Every now and again, we get the urge to "borrow" a friend's 80 pound cement goose (yes, we weighed it) and take photos of it around the local area (Fort Wayne, IN). We do this so she doesn't even know that Goose went on an adventure! So just enjoy!
Worst of the Web!
Goose Adventures has been honored with a very prestigious award, TWICE!
On October 6th, 2000 and again on June 3rd, 2001, we were given a Worst of the Web™ trophy. Goose is one of the reasons the internet was not invented. Way to go us!

Mrs. Goose Does Dallas - 11 Pictures
July 2008
Goose's Lost Adventure! - 11 Pictures
Spring Break 2000
Goose Goes Trick or Treating! - 4 Pictures
Halloween 2000
Goose Goes To Camp! - 12 Pictures
August 2000
Goose's Great Escape! - 1 Picture
February 2000
Goose Steps Out! - 8 Pictures
January 2000
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January 2000
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Christmas 1999
Goose's Christmas Adventure! - 13 Pictures
Christmas 1999

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